Spring SALC Sessions will commence from 10th February 2020.


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Services Offered


SALC operates through a blended learning mode. Both online and F2F sessions are offered to help students improve their language skills.

1. Online Practice Exercises

The first phase is composed of online exercises where students can access listening, reading, and grammar exercises. Online exercises allow the students to track their own language progress reflected through marks.

2. Face to Face Sessions

The second phase of Self-Access Language Center is face to face teaching where dedicated faculty members work on students’ language gaps mainly speaking and writing. Students get an opportunity to enhance their speaking skills through carefully designed speaking lessons. Moreover, each unit comprises of various theme-based activities which provide students with an impetus to carryout conversations proficiently in English language. Students also learn different writing skills and apply them in different activities specially designed for each unit. The role of a teacher in this phase is to provide students with fine guidelines about writing.

SALC Guide


The distinctive features of the Self-Access Language Center are customized learning materials developed according to student's proficiency levels.

There are three levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) for both phases: online and face to face teaching. Based on the progress of students they are assigned one of the above stated levels. After the assessments of eight weeks, students are promoted to the next level. The materials for each level are as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, often referred to as CEFR or CEFRL. CEFR is an international standard for working out the ability within a language.

SALC Guide
SALC Guide