Spring SALC Sessions will commence from 10th February 2020.


Phone +92-111-264-264 EXT 9799


SALC is based on the theory that second or foreign language learners learn better if they take command of their learning and self-access resources for the development of language abilities. The concept is based on the premise that all face-to-face (F2F) teaching does not ensure adequate language development. In this age of rapid development, assistance must be taken from other sources of learning such as technology. Use of technology not only complements the educational process but also offers students an opportunity to experience learning through a different instructional domain. SALC can thus help students acquire English and assist formal classroom teaching.

The concept of education is getting transformed manifold. In an era where information is just a click away, the perceptions about teaching and learning also need to be aligned with the contemporary trends in the modern world. SALC gives opportunity to learners to access quality learning both Online and F2F to work on their language deficiencies. Moreover, SALC provides opportunity to seek language learning at one’s own pace thus, it provides more time for reflection and analysis, which are key features in higher academic learning.